Embracing constraints

m15o wrote a few months ago:

I'm realizng[sic] more and more that gemini is a perfect subset of the web that's focused on content. What I love about it is that it has more constraints, but following these constraints ultimately make your content richer

Yes! I'm constantly vacillating between what content to publish where, how can I blog more, should I restyle my blog. So I thought I was making a decisive step when I purchased my domain[†] and set up an Eleventy-based blog, pushing text files to GitHub that get published on Netlify a few months ago.

But now I've recently found vagabundo.co and smol.pub, and I'm once again wondering what I should do. What keeps pulling me to smol.pub is the simplicity of gemtext. Take away a lot of my options for styling so I don't have to worry about them. What is super ironic and funny is that the default view of smol.pub looks very much like the template I used at my blog.

So I'm probably gonna try this out some more? I know I'll get the itch for more interactively, more social, more analytics. But maybe I should resist.

[†]: https://bentsai.org